urban caravan photography is:

chris ludlow

chris suspects that he used to be something in his last life and that a brewery (or two) was involved. one day he hopes to take a pilgrimage throughout belgium and the czech republic where he can sample the several hundred varieties of beer in situ although ultimately, he would like to relocate to some yet-to-be-determined spot in the mediterranean where he can open his own microbrewery/bar. unfortunately this will involve winning a national lottery which has yet to happen. he has made it his personal goal to try every beer in the world.


carolyn triault

carolyn has no insights at all into her past & present lives but does make it a point of honour to avoid any and all responsibility. a trained egyptologist and classicist, she mucks about with camera and notebook, chronicling her misadventures as plan b's rather than the colossal fuck-ups they normally are. she regularly contributes to various literary publications. if she can ever get motivated enough, she'll write a book of exquisite & breathtaking beauty. this is highly unlikely. she is still mourning the untimely deaths of her muses - goldfish ken & gerard, who both passed away in 2006 from broken hearts.